DURBAN Visit -  October 2021:


Dates : TBC October 2021

Venue: Umhlange (Private Apartment)


* Bookings OPEN NOW! Contact me on 064 178 7025


* LIMITED APPOINTMENTS available (3 appointments daily). 



*1 Hour @ R850 (no deposit required)

*1 1/2 hours including all extras free of charge @ R1,200

*3 hours including all extras free of charge @ R2,000


* 50% Deposit to secure.


*Please note, when the appointments are sold out there won't be any more appointments available at all.


*You can view my Services, Rates, Promotions as well as Available Hours, Safety Protocol and Important Notes on my website. Please have a look on www.shyloh.co.za.


* I've been in the industry for 8 years. Read my reviews on ESA before scheduling an appointment (There are 1000's of reviews from my 8 years in this industry that can be viewed on my main adverts.




* Red Velvet

* Sextrader




*The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that you show up for your scheduled appointment. All too often people do not show up or cancel last minute. In other words, you share my risk. If you mess around with my time you are preventing other loyal clients from access to appointments during the same time.

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