Important Notes

~Please enquire about my online adverts and reviews!


~ My CURRENCY for the last 11 years: CONSISTENCY & AUTHENTICITY & ABSOLUTE LOYALTY! I expect the same.

~ Upon initiating contact with a stranger, regardless of the industry or service required,  it is common courtesy and basic decency to INTRODUCE yourself first to begin with. Should you choose to abandon decency altogether, I will match your effort. I'm only interested to consult with amasing people that has great character and awesome vibes.


~ If you have any injuries or medical conditions please disclose them beforehand during session negotiations.

~ I do NOT schedule appointments over email or sms or ESA private message. Put a lil effort in and pick up the phone to call me. Once we've spoken I'm quite happy to continue communication and arrangements over WhatsApp.

~ The only reason I INSIST on sending comprehensive WRITTEN information upon enquiry is simply because people do not listen when you talk. They remember better when they READ information than when they HEAR it. After you've just called 15 - 50 girls for details, you will definitely not remember anything anyone said. I don't have the patience or interest to keep repeating myself. Match my effort and respect the process.

~ I find anyone who says that they don't have WhatsApp suspicious. If you are too UNDERCOVER to communicate via WhatsApp, please don't contact me. If your concern is girls that message unnecessarily, then you don't know anything about me at all and then I also know that you've been hanging out with a substandard crowd. Either way, I'm not interested in such requests.

~ I do NOT take appointments from intoxicated people. Intoxicated people do not listen. They do not understand the word NO. They also think that/feel as if they are pornstars at that moment and are too rough and want to do wild shit that I do not cater for.

~Asking for sex without condoms will get you immediately BLOCKED and reported on the Punters Warning List!

~Oral and rimming on me is allowed at no charge

~No deep throat. NOT NEGOTIABLE.

~No toys brought into the session by a client will be used on me. NOT NEGOTIABLE.

~No Greek (Anal) on me. NOT NEGOTIABLE.


~Deposits on the bigger appointments from 2hrs and up, and cancelation fees on ALL appointments are no longer negotiable due to the increasing number of no shows/last minute cancelations/too many reschedulings of the se appointment.


  ~ A maximum number of 2 reschedulings will be allowed before the deposit is forfeit.

-Cancelation Fees as stipulated under "Services" is payable for cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment. This counts for new and existing clients. If you booked my time, it means I show other requests for that time slot away. If you cancel last minute you will have directly unnecessarily impacted my income on purpose. This is rude and disrespectful. If you prefer not to pay the cancellation fee,  there will be no further appointments available to you simply because I have no interest in doing the same exercise twice. People have patterns so believe me, I already KNOW your behaviour will repeat itself. Please feel free to go and disrespect someone else's time.

~Being late for your appointment is disrespectful. 15 minutes will be free. More than 15 minutes late, my time will be payable and will be calculated over and above your session time. Don't be late!

~If you have the audacity to disrespect me and my time by not showing up for your appointment you will be labeled as a NO SHOW and there will be no further appointments available to you, ever. NOT NEGOTIABLE

-ANY SPECIAL REQUESTS REGARDING WHAT I SHOULD WEAR @R300 (1 hour notice). People bark long lists of orders what they want, then arrive for the appointment and spent zero to null time appreciating or enjoying or adoring the effort I just put in. No more!! If you have instructions regarding my dress code, you'll pay my fee, and then I know I won't waste my time. If your instructions fall outside of my interest or capacity to oblige, then I will decline and cancel the appointment myself.

~I do not cater for anything hardcore regardless of how much money you offer me. I only cater for the more sensual, intimate experience. NOT NEGOTIABLE.

~The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that you show up for your scheduled appointment. All too often people do not show up or cancel last minute. In other words, you share my risk. If you mess around with my time you are preventing other loyal clients from access to appointments during the same time.

~Cabs for Out-Tall (travel) appointments:
I insist that, for our first appointment, the client dispatch their own Uber to collect me. This is to ensure that I do not show up at a fake address or that you are in fact not playing games sending me on a wild goose chase. YES! People actually do this. NOT NEGOTIABLE.

~No further ewallets, instant money, cash send, imali or mobimoney payments will be accepted. These can be reversed in a few seconds and is a tool for fraudulent activity. NOT NEGOTIABLE.