Important Notes

~Please enquire about my online adverts and reviews!


~ I do NOT take appointments from intoxicated people.


~Asking for sex without condoms will get you reported on the Punters Warning List!


~Oral on me and rimming on me is ~allowed at no charge


~No deep throat


~No toys brought into the session by a client will be used




-Cancelation Fees as stipulated under "Services" is payable for cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment.


~Being late for your appointment is disrespectful. 15 minutes will be free. More than 15 minutes late, my time will be payable and will be calculated over and above your session time. Don't be late!


~If you have the audacity to disrespect me and my time by not showing up for your appointment there will be no further appointments available to you. NOT NEGOTIABLE




~I do not cater for anything hardcore regardless of how much money you offer me. I only cater for the more sensual, intimate experience.


~The purpose of the deposit is to ensure that you show up for your scheduled appointment. All too often people do not show up or cancel last minute. In other words, you share my risk. If you mess around with my time you are preventing other loyal clients from access to appointments during the same time.


~Cabs for Out-Tall (travel) appointments:

I insist that, for our first appointment, the client dispatch their own Uber to collect me. This is to ensure that I do not show up at a fake address or that you are in fact not playing games sending me on a wild goose chase. YES! People actually do this.


~No further ewallets, instant money, cash send, imali or mobimoney payments will be accepted. These can be reversed in a few seconds and is a tool for fraudulent activity.