About Me

Being a multi-faceted entertainer and creative innovator, I've accomplished the supreme - to blur the line between work and play as I mediate between the sensual and spiritual lives of people. My job is to make you capable of freedom.


It's always been about the amount of breaths I take away.


Sexually charged in the continuous present tense and motivated by the mere thought of encountering a total Stranger, my mood remains that of reckless abandon and pure delight in anticipation of the ultimate forbidden fruit. 


I do not restrict, repeat, revert or re-form. Instead I reveal, revive and revere the moment... radiating a specific, expandable, spatial experience not governed by the politics or consumerism of this industry, but lead by an anticipation of joy in the unexpected as I emphasize un-common sense through my blissful touch.


I am in lust with every moment.